Jürg Ziegler


Jürg Ziegler Martial Arts Centre

The Top-Martial Arts Schools in Europe!
Professional Instruction in Chinese,
Korean and Philippino Martial Arts

Chief Instructor: Grandmaster Jürg Ziegler ("The Lightning Fist")

Personal Data Jürg Ziegler


Grandmaster Jürg Ziegler is a full member and / or represents the following:

Ø      International Chinese Kuoshu Association (Taiwan, R.O.C.), Group Member
Ø      International Kung Fu Federation (Taiwan, R.O.C.)
Ø      Chinese Kung Fu Exact Progressive Federation (Taiwan, R.O.C.), Honorable Director
Ø      World Martial Arts And Physical Education Federation (Taiwan, R.O.C.), Liaison Person


Name of Grandmaster Jürg Ziegler’s most important Martial Arts Teachers:

Ø Grandmaster Kang Ban Chuan, =  („Cheng Kau“ - „The Iron Head of Shaolin“): He taught me Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu, Chinese Medicine as well as martial Arts History & Philosophy. I am his Successor, Inheritor and Permanent European Headmaster/Representative. I am a full member of „NANYANG SHAOLIN MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION SINGAPORE“ / „Siong Lam Gee - Singapore“ as well as full Instructor of „SUNGSAN SHAOLIN MARTIAL ARTS ASSOCIATION (MALAYSIA)“ since 1987. He tested & graded me Headmaster/Grandmaster 9th Dan Black Belt in  December 1998. He passed away on 6th Nov 1999 and left me as his Inheritor and Successor (as 10th Dan) in charge as World Grandmaster (51st Generation) for Southern Shaolin Lohan Kung Fu


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