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Regular Column by Grandmaster Jürg Ziegler (9th Dan Sin Moo Hapkido; Headmaster and Representative for all European, Middle East and Eurasien Countries for Grandmaster Ji, Han Jae (10th Dan, true Founder of Hapkido), President of the EUROPEAN SIN MOO HAPKIDO ASSOCIATION - ESMHA - with members in over 30 Countries world-wide).

Dear Readers, first of all I would like to welcome you to my new regular column in this Martial Arts Magazine. I am glad to have such an opportunity to give you a deeper insight into Martial Arts, especially into Sin Moo Hapkido. I will try to give you information on philosophy, history, techniques, principles, etc. Please feel free to write to me for further information’s, questions, etc or special topics you would like me to talk and write about in this column. As I practice, teach and study various Martial Arts since over 20 years (an average of 40-50 hrs weekly) I believe to be able to help you and provide you information’s, instructions, etc. in many ways indeed.

Today I would like to provide you some information on Sin Moo Hapkido in a way that you get to know more in what this new dynamic and holistic Korean Martial Art is all about.


What is Sin Moo Hapkido ?

Hapkido is a Korean Martial Art which combines the soft styles of Aikido, Kung Fu and Judo along with the aggressive Korean kicking techniques. It was developed by Grandmaster Ji, Jan Jae.

When Dojunim Ji came to the USA in 1984 from Korea, he established a new school of Hapkido: Sin Moo Hapkido. Sin means mind or Spirit, and Moo indicates warrior. When combined with the word "Hapkido", the entire meaning becomes harmony and co-ordination between the mind, Body and Spirit, or as Grandmaster Ji describes it, "Sin Moo Hapkido is simply a higher technology within martial arts, one that emphasises more internal training and strengths than external." The emphasis to achieve this is through meditation and "Ki" Power development.

Sin Moo Hapkido contains no forms or Katas. Instead it stresses actual street applications rather than a series of forms containing a number of unnecessary movements. It is more complete than many arts due to its internal/external nature and because it contains throws, joint-locks and pressure point techniques as well as kicks and strikes. Weapons training using can, shortstick, longpole, sword, knife and others is also available. A special diet is also very vital for the practitioner as well as regular practice in meditation and Ki exercises as well as following the "9 rules of Sin Moo Hapkido".

Because strength is not a critical factor in this art, Sin Moo Hapkido lends itself to people of all ages and both sexes.


What will I gain by studying Sin Moo Hapkido ?

You will increase the strength and flexibility of both your mind and Body. You can achieve a level of physical fitness that was not thought imaginable and also develop self-confidence that will carry forward into every aspect of your daily life.


What can Sin Moo Hapkido do for you ?

A common worry is that Martial Arts training will encourage violence or aggression in children and adults. With very rare exceptions, the opposite will prove to be true. Children discover an inner confidence and strength which enables them to move beyond the need to prove themselves physically. Both children and adults frequently find that they have the courage to walk away from an explosive situation. The discipline from Martial Arts, such as Sin Moo Hapkido, is beneficial to both children and adults.


What will I learn from Sin Moo Hapkido ?

The typical Sin Moo Hapkido Class is a bit longer than an hour. Each Class is usually broken down into four segments:

1. The twenty five basic kicks - the very basics of Sin Moo Hapkido kicking from a stationary position.

2. Meditation - very important in Sin Moo Hapkido

3. Special kicks - kicks that require jumping and also combination kicks.

4. Hand techniques - joint locks, breaks and throws.


Controlling one’s emotions (by Dojunim Ji, Han Jae)

One may obtain luck from simplicity, and virtue from humbleness.

Understanding comes when one is calm. Anxiety comes from passion. Misfortune comes from worldliness. Mistakes come from recklessness. Sin comes form impatience.

EYES: be cautious not to look at one’s evil doing. LIPS: choose your words carefully, and do not speak untruthfully. Speak only the truth, kindly and softly. SELF: do not keep Company with untrue people; rather, be close to people who are compassionate and kind.

Respect your elders. Honour virtuous character. Choose wise, intelligent men as leaders. Forgive wisely those who are ignorant and uneducated.

Do not refuse that which comes to you and do not hold things that leave you. Do not expect to be treated like you are better than others. Do not hold a grudge about that which is already done. When one hurts another, one hurts oneself.

When you depend on someone else’s influence, you will meet misfortune. Control your temper with mild emotion. Evil is conquered by good deeds. By always giving, one controls selfishness. Truth will Master hypocrisy. Dear Martial Artists, deeply understand these words and be true, wise and strong Martial Artists !


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