Sound Meditation

Regular Column by Grandmaster Jürg Ziegler (9th Dan Sin Moo Hapkido; Headmaster and Representative for all European, Middle East and Eurasien Countries for Dojunim Ji, Han Jae (10th Dan, true Founder of Hapkido), President of the EUROPEAN SIN MOO HAPKIDO ASSOCIATION - ESMHA - with members in over 32 Countries world-wide).


Dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed the last months column of the "9 Rules" philosophy in Sin Moo Hapkido. This month I would like to continue with "Sound Meditation".


Sound Meditation


Sound plays an important part in meditation and practice. There are sounds for killing, sounds for healing and sounds for giving energy. There are five different types of sounds: cunning, musical or pleasant sounds, healing sounds, energy sounds and killing sounds. As an example, there is the "MMM" sound made with lips closed, teeth closed, teeth vibrating. When this sound is made softly and gently it is very calming. When made very strongly it is a killing sound (attacking the brain).


Six sounds are used for fixing the Body. Each sound is to be made as long as possible. The sounds are made on the exhale and should be made at least eight seconds, but the longer the better.


The first fixing or healing sound is "chae". Inhale deeply and then exhale making the sound. This sound is like what you hear when a tire goes flat. The "chae" sound works to heal the kidneys. As you breathe in deeply, visualise the kidney (like a bubble in a cartoon). Inhale, visualise, exhale "chae". Kidney problems can also be diagnosed by cloudy foamy urine.


"Whooo" is the sound used to correct digestive problems. Breathe in, visualise the stomach, exhale powerfully with the mouth in a "O". This is not a small tight "O" with the mouth - the mouth is open fairly wide behind the O-shaped lips.


The large and small intestines are fixed by the "ssi" sound. Teeth are tightly clamped, the "s" is prolonged. Inhale, visualise the large or small intestine, exhale "ssi". This sound can heal the symptom of diarrhoea.


Heart problems can be fixed by making the "huu" sound. The mouth is open and shaped in a large "O" while blowing "huu". Someone likened this sound to blowing your hot breath on a mirror. High or low blood pressure can be corrected by breathing in, calming down and exhaling "huu".


Liver problems can be helped by making the "shhh" sound while the mouth is held in an "O" shape. Liver disfunction can be diagnosed by noting the colour of the urine: too yellow a colour means liver problems.


The sixth organ to be healed by sound is the lungs. Inhale, visualise, and as you exhale make a "sss" sound, releasing the air through the teeth. Note that there are three sounds that are quite similar: "chae" for the kidneys, "ssi" for the intestines, and now "sss" for the lungs. "sss" is the tightest of these three sounds, made with the stomach muscles contracted.


These sounds are very important. In order to get the most out of meditation and practice, the internal organs must be strong and healthy. Sounds can be used to enhance physical skills. "Gam" (pronounced as in "come") is used to bring your Ki Power up when you pick up something heavy. The sound must be made strongly. The "g" in gam is almost a "k" sound. "Um" is used in throwing. So, these two words can be combined into "ga-um" for picking up and throwing an object.


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