Proper Breathing

Regular Column by Grandmaster Jürg Ziegler (9th Dan Sin Moo Hapkido; Headmaster and Representative for all European, Middle East and Eurasien Countries for Dojunim Ji, Han Jae (10th Dan, true Founder of Hapkido), President of the EUROPEAN SIN MOO HAPKIDO ASSOCIATION - ESMHA - with members in over 30 Countries world-wide).


Dear Readers, I hope you enjoyed the last months column "Proper and Exact Meditation". This month I would like to continue with "Method of Meditation for opening the Third Eye and maximising Ki Power".


There are three laws of Sin Moo:


1) Stop feeling, calm down, relax. This is Buddhist clean mind techniques.


2) Long breathing, this empties the mind.


3) Stop the senses. This makes the Body strong.


When you are able to follow all three - stop the emotions, slow down the breath and stop the senses then you make can make strong mind Power to open the Third Eye. This is the key point: Control all three areas. Sin Moo draws upon Buddhism, Confucianism and Zen. Mind, Body and Spirit. We are now expanding upon the "9 Rules of Sin Moo Hapkido" (I will go into more details of these 9 Rules in a future column):










1) Good eating



4) Do not be angry



7) Water Control


2) Good sex



5) Do not be sad



8) Air Control


3) Good meditation



6) Do not be greedy



9) Sunshine Control


In the Buddhist Clean Mind techniques, one must strive to balance good and bad feelings. Balance the six feelings (happiness, anger, fear, sadness, greed and laziness). The network of feeling is controlled by the brain. There are three steps to pure knowledge though this path. To understand, to look and search and to know. And there are three stops in the act of distinguishing. To move with one’s mind, to procrastinate (hesitate or pause) and to make up your mind.


Zen is the practice of long breathing. It controls the lungs. There are six phases in long breathing. In taking in breath and inhaling, you pull in the breath, settle your breath and then exhale and expel. In the exhalation there is the cycle, moving out or back, and pushing to the side or clearing away.


Confucius Moral Training is the path of controlling the emotions. This practice governs the bone marrow, making the Body strong. It also has six phases. In delivering the Ki you receive Ki, place it and then relocate and send Ki. Then you distribute the Ki by moving it up, sending it out and having it reach its final destination. Sending and delivering are two different things but yet the same thing. When you breathe in there is weight. Ki has no weight. The three laws have effect on how you send Ki. Sky is taking in air, ground is exhaling. If you know how to distinguish as Sky (breathing in) and ground/earth (exhaling), between good and bad emotions, balance the senses then you can use Ki Power to the maximum and benefit the most from these teachings. The workings of the Sky are pulling the air in and settling the air (inhaling). The workings if the ground/earth are the cycle of twisting and turning, pushing out and finding the path or searching (exhaling). Spirit control head (Sky) and Body (Earth), human controls the Body.


When trying to understand these concepts think of the whole meaning, the larger concept. Combine the philosophies of Buddhism, Confucianism and Zen into one whole. Combine feeling, breathing and touching into one whole. See how the concepts relate. Then you will see the whole meaning. Three is one, one is three. This is the pure and exact meaning of Sin Moo Hapkido. The combined meditation methods resulting in the opening of the Third Eye with the ultimate goal of maximising Ki Power.



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